July 31, 2020


Dear Preschool Families,


The Preschool Board met this week to figure out how to navigate these uncertain times of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience as we have been, and will continue too, monitor information from the Oregon Health Authority, Early Learning Division and what the Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) are doing concerning the coronavirus.


As of right now, our plan is to open First Christian Pre-Primary School October 5, 2020. In planning to open, it is not because we take the risk lightly. I have spent much time researching how other childhood programs are handling the COVID situation. We recognize the need for stability and the learning process for young children and how it affects children and families when these programs are not available. We have developed (and will continue to adapt) new policies to mitigate the risk, while allowing children to learn, feel loved and have meaningful experiences and relationships. Being able to open the Preschool in the Fall does depend on having adequate enrollment to make it financially feasible.


We recognize that each family must make the decision for themselves of what risks they can, or are willing, to take. You are the only one who knows your situation. I would not open up if I did not feel we had the capacity and desire to be very purposeful in keeping our children, families and staff as safe as possible. We acknowledge that COVID is an ever evolving situation and we will prioritize safety. There could very well be times this year when we’ll need to close the Preschool.


We are at the point in which staffing must be set. Attached is a preschool enrollment survey regarding your plans for preschool in the Fall, along with some of our new safety policies. We need you to complete and return the survey by Friday, August 7th.  We will base our staffing on your responses. We unfortunately will not be able to offer speech therapy at this time. If your child is in need of these services we will keep in touch about when we might be able to provide therapy.


There is no easy answer right now. But we hope to continue to be a constant in your family’s life. I want to assure you that I am dedicated to the safety and development of your child, as well as the safety of my staff. Please reference the attached policies and contact me with any questions.


Please watch your email for updates as we get closer to our start date of October 5th.



Beth Morse

Director, FC Pre-Primary School

Parents, this letter and a survey was mailed to you on July 31st.  Please let me know if you don't receive it by Tuesday.  

Please contact us at:  FirstChristianPrimary@gmail.com

About us

Originally founded by the Albany First Christian Church in 1971. The Preschool is an independent non-profit organization housed in the church . 


We offer classes for 3 and 4 year olds during our morning preschool program from 9:00-11:30 am.


We follow Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) during cases of inclement weather. If GAPS is closed or delayed for the day the Preschool is CLOSED for that day. 

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