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Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Services

The Speech and Language Program at First Christian Pre-Primary School provides a preschool experience with an emphasis on speech and language enhancement and enrichment activities. It is designed for children 3-5 years of age who have difficulties in learning communication skills. After a free screening, we offer enrollment in the program or suggest possible alternatives. We also enroll children sho have been recommended by others, or at a parent/ guardian's request. 

  • Some skill problem included (but not limited to): 

  • Difficulty understanding others or following directions

  • low vocabulary based on his.her age

  • Difficulty expressing thoughts

  • Difficulty choosing the right words to pluralize, indicate possession, pronoun usage, etc.

  • Pronunciations errors which make it difficult or impossible to understand him/her

Our certified speech therapist will provide pull-out therapy or work with your child in the classroom based on their needs once per week. We do charge a monthly fee for services but never turn a child away who requires financial assistance. 

The Program does not take the place of private speech therapy. We believe that interaction is the cornerstone to speech and language development. We provide individual and small group remediation activities in addition to art, circle time activities, gross motor development, snack time, sharing and free play. 

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